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** NEW CD **


HALF LIFE - Part 1

   My New CD features 17 songs, including two written by NJ Legendary musician George Theiss (Castiles, Cahoots, George Theiss Band, many more).

   Also featuring the awesome NJ guitarist Mario Frasca playing lead guitar on two songs (one with me) including the song PITCH BLACK, which we wrote about SuperStorm Sandy and how scary it was to residents of Ocean and Monmouth counties at the Jersey Shore (our old stomping grounds).

  HALF LIFE - Part 1 will be followed by HALF LIFE - Part 2 sometime in 2018, in case you’re wondering, with more Special Guests.

 As always, we refuse to adhere to genre labels and like to mix as many different kinds of rock as we can think of, from Heavy to Hillbilly and everything in-between, including some humor. People have compared our stuff to everything from Zappa to Pink Floyd, to Patsy Cline, to , and on and on, depending upon what album and what song. Yet, somehow it all seems to work together.

  Suzi always wants us to create a mix of songs reminiscent of the early days of FM radio because static genres bore her. I agree. I like those days of radio where genre was a dirty word and everything was lumped together.

   Have a listen to some mp3s in our Listening Room. They are FREE to Download and if you want to listen on your home stereo system or in your car, why not buy the CD?

   HALF LIFE (the CD) is only $10, which includes shipping to mainland USA.

   You can buy it by sending a check or money order to DIMOCKRACY MUSIC, 6382 Cane Creek Road, Bakersville, NC 28705.. I also take Paypal - On Paypal I am  ttt3d@yahoo.com

   Note: The medium we use is high end music CDRs, and some older CD players or dirty CD players don’t like them, but 99% of our fans never experience a problem.  Please let us know if you do.