Feedback from Listeners

“Good material with a fantastic supporting cast.  This is not a sales pitch, but if you don't get a copy, you will be sorry.  Aural gratification of the highest order.  Genre bending. An undiscovered gem hidden in the remote mountains of WNC by way of the Jersey Shore.

I got my copy last night. First listen / blush. I still got hairs standing on my neck and goosies from "I Keep Coming Back"! This tune swings! And I mean hard!!! And right after, I get hit up on the side of the head with "Hot Ledger".

I hear all the time how difficult it is to write and arrange just one tune, but 40?

And then there is the issue of Tom's guitar playing. Tom is his own man, but..... Stevie Ray Vaughn, Robin Trower, Duane Allman, Eric Johnson, David Gilmore, Hendrix, Johnny Winter, Page, Henry Garza, Tony Iommi, Eric Gale, Steve Vai, Beck, etc.  They are all living and running around inside Tom's head. Surprised it hasn't exploded.

Wow! Just simply genius! This deserves a VERY wide audience.”

Brad Corpening  --  Percussionist  --  Canton, NC

“Was lucky enough to get a copy of Too Tall Tom Dimock's new 3 CD collection MAGIC SERUM.

For those of you who are not familiar with Tom's playing -- back in the 70's guitarists from all over the (Jersey) Shore area and Central Jersey would make a pilgrimage to Asbury Park just to see him play slide guitar. The first time I saw him live he did an extended version of Jeff Beck's "Definitely Maybe"(taking the song completely in his own direction) that just floored everyone in the room. I have never seen a reaction to a guitar solo like that before or since.

These days, Tom and his wife Suzi (yes, Butterfield's own former manager) make music in North Carolina, writing and producing songs out of their own home. The sound is awesome, the songwriting very fine (the songs run the gamut from blues to heavy techno/Prog rock to country-esque ballads) and Tom has not missed a step in his playing, having become a more versatile guitarist over the years, but still having the edge to his playing that brought people to the Jersey Shore to see him early on. “

Bob Butterfield  --  Drummer, Studio Owner, Author  --  Pensacola, FL

“The first thing that’s apparent upon first listening to this 40 song collection is the sheer amount of stylistic territory it covers. Riff based blues rock? Check. Funky grooves? Reggae? Yep, a couple of those.  Dreamy trance music? Oh yeah. Country rock? Folk? Psych? Techno blues that wouldn’t have been out of place on ZZ Top’s Eliminator album? Present and accounted for.

The next thing one notices is that the people who made this music cared about it. They cared a lot. A lot of thought went into the arrangements and layered instrumental parts, nothing was just thrown together here.

As eclectic as this is, its core, its soul, is the blues. Rock blues, slow blues, funky blues, psychedelic blues, riff based blues; although it is NOT a blues album (though that style is well represented in nearly pure form on tracks like like Got Them Blues, Road To Nowhere, and Dirty Women, on the whole it’s not orthodox enough to please “blues nazis”) its beating heart is the blues. Usually with a twist.

Guitar is the dominant instrument, albeit different flavors, styles and sounds. Tom Dimock is an exceptionally talented guitarist who excels at electric, acoustic, and slide. If you haven’t heard him, you must check him out!

Although guitars prevail there are keyboards lurking about too; the slow dreamy synth strings on  “Breathe”  add a nice flavor. The strings as well as piano also appear on the closing track,  “What Starts As A Spark”;  a cautionary tale of revolution and potential global destruction.

“Deranged”,  “Lone Rider”,  “Disconnected”,  and  “Leave This Jungle”,  and  “Caught In The Traffic”  have a kind of techno (yet organic) feel.  “Calcutta 4:20”  reminds me a bit of late period Pink Floyd (while on the subject, it’s worth mentioning that  “Is There A Future”  has some tasty David Gilmour style lead guitar on it).

I like  “Hot Ledger”,  a minor key instrumental featuring harmony lead guitars, a lot. Reminds me somewhat of Wishbone Ash.  “Runnin’ From The Sheriff”  instantly brings Warren Zevon to mind.  “A Different Cure”  is based on a hard bluesy riff but prominently features a banjo!  “Iron Fist”  is not a cover of the Motorhead song of the same name but rather its own kind of monster music; a ponderous riff coupled hitched to a political diatribe about an obnoxious, wealthy, egotistical politician who isn’t named but you don’t have to be Fellini to figure out who he is…

All in all a treat for the ears. There’s something for everyone, yet always expect the unexpected. Highly recommended!”

-- Bill Cherensky  - Bass Player, Writer  -  Metuchen, NJ

"Wow! (The) new CD set is AMAZING!... I'm Impressed!"

--  Mike Reaves - Musician  -  Califon, NJ

I just finished disk 2, as I only listen in the car where I can turn it up and know that I will not be interrupted.

AWESOME!  I truly believe that this could be TTT's best work so far!  Not only for the the diversity of the music, but for the blending of the instruments and the nuances... For example, on some you can hear Spanish type guitar in the background.....pedal steel... more stuff... percussion... The voices fit the songs, and the lyrics are very timely and upfront. Like I said, I have 1 more disc to go and can't wait...”

--  Joey Martinez  --  Bass Player, CEO  -- Valdese, NC

“Tom!  Listening to Magic Serum today, love it!

It occurs to me that Greg Allman needs to replace two guitars, and you're the only ONE who can replace both. Of course, he might want to hire you as a drummer, instead.

--  Mike Elias  --  Guitarist, Songwriter  --  Towaco, NJ

“Love it! Favorite songs so far - “Dirty, Dirty Woman” and “What Starts As A Spark”! 

Cheryl Spencer -- Substance Abuse Counselor, Asheville, NC

“SO good!”

-- Claire Jerram  --  Homemaker, Music Fan  --  Ocean, NJ

“The songs are Amazing and the musicianship is primo! Tom, you are one helluva guitar player! Best inde  ‘album’ I’ve heard in a long, long time!”

--  J.J. Maron  --  Guitarist, Music Fan  --  Toronto, Canada 

“It’s Great!  In fact, I want another one for a friend!”

--  John Smiley  --  Drummer, Land Manager  --  Ledger, NC

“This was done in a home studio? Wow! Things sure have changed! GREAT Sound! Great songs! Love the guitar and keyboard arrangements, too. Great musicians and vocalists, also.  I can play it over and over again and not get bored! To me, that makes a great album. 3 CDs! Worth triple the price!!”

--  Tony Spangler  --  Keyboards, Guitar  --  New York, NY