Suzi and Too Tall Tom at Thunderstorm Hollow

Panorama Photo by Mary Vogel

Thunderstorm Hollow Studio is a small Private recording studio located in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.  We are Digital and Tapeless. Too Tall Tom is an experienced digital and analog Recording Engineer who taught Electronic Music for several years at the college level.

We rarely take on outside projects, but do on occasion if we know you or if you come  recommended by people we know.  Around since the early 1980s. digital recording has grown in leaps and bounds, closing the gap between analog sound and digital sound to the point where, done properly, there isn’t much difference, especially when the end result is a CD or MP3.

We use several different sequencing and recording programs and are compatible with most studio formats including ProTools.  We are distance-recording capable.  If you can’t afford to fly to that fancy studio in another part of the country, we can record your trax here and mail the raw material to the studio on a DVD, or vice versa.

We are not set up for live band recording and do not have room for live drums. We are the perfect studio for the singer-songwriter or acoustic players who want to track with or without the full band sound behind them.  We also do in-house Mastering.

Too Tall Tom is  available for distance recording and in-house recording and can provide references upon request.  Guitar and Slide Guitar, any style of music.  He is not available for guitar lessons.